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Acne scar

Grade 3 and Grade 4 acne heal with different types of acne scars like prick scars, box scars, rolling scars, hypertrophic scars etc. They need surgical procedures like subcision , Cross TCA, Fillers , Fat grafting ,CO2 Laser and surgical scar revision . The modality of treatment is chosen according the type and extent of scar. The costs vary according to the type and extent of scar and requires multiple sittings (usually 4-5) . Each sitting costs range from Rs 4000 to Rs 7000 per session

Dark circles reduction

Dark circles around eyes occur due to allergies (atopic dermatitis, allergic contact dermatitis), stress, lack of adequate sleep,family history, anatomical (tear trough depression ) etc. Treatment includes life style modifications, adequate hydration, topical medications and sun protection, chemical peels, fat transfers, fillers, PRP and lasers

Lip fillers/ fat injection

Lip augmentation or lip fillers or autologous fat grafting is used to enhance the shape and volume of lips . When done by experts, it provides the right amount of plumpness giving a natural but fuller look. It can be done in naturally thin lips or after volume loss following trauma or some surgery. Lip fillers usually last 6months to one year and a repeat session is required after that. Lip augmentation can also be done with autologous fat grafting which are considered permanent but the amount of fat that will survive post grafting is unpredictable and some patients need one or more repeat session. The cost of lip augmentation ranges from Rs 15000 to Rs 60000 depending on the type of treatment, quality and amount of filler required and skin type.


Otoplasty is done to change the shape , position and proportions of ear or treat different lobule deformities . It can be done for various traumatic or congenital causes as well as cosmetic corrections . The costs vary depending on the type of correction required and the methods used

Brow lift

With ageing,brows droop down and cause hooding of the upper eyelid skin giving a tired or angry look. They sometimes cause visual problems. Brow lift gives your upper face a rejuvenated and youthful look. Brow lift can be done surgically through endoscopic or open approaches . Some extent of lifting can be done through Botox or threads also. The procedure can done under local anaesthesia without pain or under general anaesthesia. The costs depend on the type of treatment chooses and range from Rs 8000 to Rs 60,000

Fillers / Nanofat grafting

Both fillers and fat grafting offer facial rejuvenation and contouring as an injectable. Fillers provide immediate and more predictable results but they don’t last long , usually 6 months to one year. Fat grafting depends on the survival of injected fat which establishes blood supply with the neighbouring areas and some part of fat graft is always lost but the results are permanent and the fat which has survived will stay there forever. Nanofat is highly rich in stem cells which is responsible for its repair and rejuvenating effects. The costs depend on the type of procedure and range from Rs 10,000 to Rs 60,000


Melasma is the pigmentation present in different layers of skin . The colour varies according to the depth of pigmentation under the layers of skin and varies from black to brown to bluish. Various causes for Melasma includes post pregnancy, hormonal imbalances, OCPs, UV radiation exposure, family history etc. Treatment depends on the depth of pigmentation and ranges from topical creams to different types of chemical peels and lasers. Treatment requires combination of all three and usually 3-5 sessions and adequate sun protection to prevent relapse. Cost of treatment varies from Rs 2500 to Rs 4000 per session.

Buccal fat pad reduction

Bichectomy or Buccal fat pad reduction gives you sculpted look with high cheek bones and hollowed out area between cheekbones and jawline. It can be combined with fat grafting over cheek bones or a thread lift to further add to the results. The procedure is done under local anaesthesia through an incision in the cheek. There is no scar at all. Cost for Buccal fat pad removal starts from Rs 15000

Eyelid surgeries

Eyelid surgeries or blepharoplasty are done for both upper and lower eyelids to treat loose excess skin and fat from upper and lower eyelids or eyebags. The incision for upper eyelid is taken in natural skin crease , excess skin and fat from different compartments are excises or sometimes relocated to the hollowed out areas and closure is done with micro sutures. The incision on the lower eyelid is taken just below the lash line or inside of lower eyelids and excess fat is either excised or relocated along with excess skin and closure is done with very fine sutures. The surgery takes one to two hours under local or general anaesthesia . Swelling and bruising subsides may take weeks to go. The cost starts from Rs 15,000.

Micro blading

Microblading is done for people who have very thin eyebrows or who lost a part of whole of their eyebrows post trauma, surgery, cancer or ageing. It is deposition of micropigments considering the direction of hairs in different areas of the eyebrows under topical aneasthesia . The cost starts from Rs 10,000 .


Dimples accentuate smile and are considered a sign of attractiveness . Dimples form when there is a defect in the cheek muscle and the dermis is pulled inward when the cheek muscle contracts. This defect can be surgically created under local anaesthesia through a small incision inside the oral cavity. The cost of the surgery starts from Rs 10,000 to Rs 20,000.

Chin surgery

Chin augmentation can be done surgically or non-surgically to enhance the appearance of chin. Non- surgical methods include fillers or autologous fat grafting Chin implants are used to reshape, push forward or enlarge the appearance of chin and put inside through a hidden surgical incision. Double chin appearance occurs due to excess fat and saggy soft tissue in the chin and neck . They can treated by liposuction or a surgical neck lift. The costs depend on the type of correction desired and the technique used.


The days of your regular salon facials are over. Switch to something extraordinary, and switch to Medi Facials for radiant skin. Regular sessions of Our various medifacials like vampire facial , photo facial , hydra facial , carbon laser facial will keep your skin hydrated , glowing and radiant. Our medifacials range from Rs 3500 to Rs 6000 per session

Lip reduction

If you feel unhappy and underconfident because of your large lips and find them socially embarrassing, get lip reduction surgery at our clinic. Lip reduction is a 30-60 mins surgery done under local anaesthesia with a hidden scar . The costs range between Rs 15000 to Rs 50000.

Ear lobe repair

Ear lobe repair or lobuloplasty is a procedure done to repair torn or split ear lobule due to heavy earrings or trauma under local anaesthesia. In this procedure skin lining the cleft or split is excised and layered repaired is done either with sutures or glue. The cost of the treatment ranges from Rs 4000 to Rs 8000 depending on either one or both the ear needs treatment or the type of split - complete or incomplete or the method or suture material/ glue used

Eyebrow shaping

Eyebrow shaping is done with Botox injections by targeting different muscle groups of eyebrows. The cost ranges of the treatment ranges from Rs 8000 to Rs 15000

Face lift neck lift

Facelift can be done for rejuvenation of cheek, midface, jawline and neck. The SMAS layer of the face is responsible for suspension of skin and soft tissues of the face and need to be tightened in a surgical facelift preserving the facial nerve branches Face or neck lift can be also done using threads in cases of mild skin laxity. The costs range starts from Rs 15000 depending on the time of treatment and the areas to be treated.

Gummy Smile

Excessive gingival show while smiling (more than 3 to 4 mms) can be corrected with Botox or lip repositioning surgeries. The costs depend on the type of treatment chosen and starts from Rs 8000.

Botox for wrinkles

Botox is a very popular treatment for smoothening out wrinkles and defying signs of ageing. Botox is indicated in crow’s feet, forehead lines, glabellar lines , upper face, masseter, gummy smile correction, eyebrow shaping, brow lifting, around the lips , jawline sculpting etc. The treatment is painless but lasts 6months to one year and require repeat sessions. The price for Botox depends upon the areas being treated and ranges from Rs 8000 to 01 lac

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