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Female hair loss treatment

Female hair loss is one of the most common issue faced by females. One of the most common is Telogen effluvium ( TE) which is secondary to hormonal issues, iron & but d3 deficiency, post pregnancy, abortion, post any other disease like dengue, malarial infection, typhoid, corona or any viral infection, stress. This issue is mainly treated by timely intervention after correct diagnosis based on accurate evaluation of the underlying issues. Second most common issue of hair fall in female is Female pattern hair loss ( FPHL) this occurs in young female due to PCOD/PCOS or thyroid issues and in elderly patient due to post menopause. These issues are aggravated by additional low protein intake, iron deficiency or vit D3 deficiency, timely intervention with targeted treatment is key to good outcome, sometimes in females PRP / GFC therapy may also be required.

Alopecia Areata management

Alopecia areata is a autoimmune disorder which can affect any age group from children to elder age group. In some cases family history is present or history of other autoimmune disorders like hypothyroidism, Psoriasis or vitiligo. It is of many types like local patches alopecia involving scalp, beard area, eyelashes, eyebrows or even body hairs. Outcome depends upon various factors but accurate assessment of alopecia, correct diagnosis and effect therapy based on proper protocol will have more favourable outcome in form of hair growth over alopecia and reduction in recurrence rates without any side effects


Mesotherapy involves treatment of alopecia in males and females with Meso solution like EGF and Dermaroller which leads to inflammation in collagen tissues which increases blood flow to scalp and as a result of which it increases change of hair growth and long term sustainability of hair volume. Mesotherapy done at our clinic under the expert guidance with proper sterility to avoid any unto complications.

Male hair Loss

Male hair loss is very common in population. Male hair loss causes include Male pattern hair loss ( MPHL) which is the most common type of hair loss in male, which has genetic incidence which has 7 gradings, it is treated according to grade of severity with initial grades require only oral and topical medicines and advance stages may include Growth factor concentrate ( GFC) therapy once monthly with oral & topical medicines. With timely intervention male pattern baldness is completely treatable with visible improvements. Other causes of hair loss includes deficiencies of iron, vit D3 etc

Dandruff/ Seborrhoea treatment

Seborrhoea is a severe form of dandruff which is common issue in males & females in all age groups which is mainly due increased oil production under the effect of male or females hormones, it has to be differentiated from psebopsoriasis or psoriasis, correct diagnosis and patient based therapy by help of oral and topical medicines it can managed effectively

GFC/ PRP treatment

This is a specialised procedures that can only be performed by specialist like Dermatologist or plastic surgeons. Any misadventures can cause serious issues and complications. At the start Platelets rich plasma ( PRP ) which was done for hair loss issue in males & females and to certain extent improvements were also there but in due course of time it has now become rather ineffective due to vary in platelets count in blood in every 7 days so to over come these Growth factor concentrate ( GFC ) was introduced which Lattest in technology and very effective therapy for reversal of hairloss if timely done in appropriate patients. GFC has EGF, VEGF growth factors which helps in angiogenesis ie developing new vascular or blood supply to alopecia area by which new hair growth occurs. GFC is done for at least 5 sessions for complete and perfect outcome. We provide on the best available GFC therapy at our clinic.

Hair transplant

Bald areas resistant to medical management or GFC/ PRP therapy can be treated with hair transplant. Hair transplant is a day care surgery , done under local anaesthesia in which individual hair grafts harvested from the safe donor area on the back of the scalp are transplanted to bald areas. Hairs on back of the scalp are resistant to hormonal thinning and are chosen as donor. There are two techniques of hair transplant FUT ( follicular unit transplant or strip technique ) and FUE ( follicular unit extraction). In FUE technique, individual hair follicles are extracted from donor area and transplanted into the bald area. In FUT technique, a strip of hair bearing skin is removed from the back of scalp and suture closure is done . The strip in thin cut into thin slivers and individual follicles are separated by slicing. The grafts are then transplanted to the bald areas by creating slits there. 4-5 sessions of GFC are recommended to maintain the transplanted hairs. It takes approximately 9 months to one year for the transplanted hair to grow fully. The cost of hair transplant at our centre is Rs 18 per graft.

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