Nail Disorders

Welcome to our Nail Disorders Services. We have a dedicated team to provide comprehensive care and effective treatments for a wide range of nail concerns. From nail fungus to ingrown nails and nail surgeries, we are here to help you achieve healthier and more beautiful nails.
With personalized diagnosis, advanced treatments, and ongoing support, we are committed to your nail health and confidence. Trust us to provide the expert care and solutions you need to transform your nails. Schedule your consultation and take the first step towards healthier, happier nails.

Fungal infection

Fungal Nail infection is one of the most common infection of nail, which commonly occurs in children in cases of post trauma, in elderly patients due to aging and other diseases like Diabetes which lead to decrease immunity, it also occurs in females who are exposed to irritating chemicals in detergents, soaps, excessive wetting of hands, it can be managed very easily if treatment done at right time with under observation of a qualified doctor, if neglected or delayed then it can lead to total damage of nail which may be irreversible. So early diagnosis and complete treatment is key for nail well being

Ingrown toe nails

Ingrowing toe nail is very common disorder affecting all age groups. Common causes include trauma, genetic tendencies or acquired (wearing pointed shoes) cause due to malformation of nail, due to wrong trimming habits of nail. We treat this disorder very carefully with a method in which only partial nail removal is done ( so post option activity is maintained with minimal pain ) with lateral Radio frequency ablation or phenol applications so that it didn’t lead to recurrences which is very common if treated by non specialist doctor.

Nail discolouration

Discolouration in nail is a very common phenomenon which may be by birth or acquired. Nevi, vascular malformation. Acquired causes include non infective causes like drugs like anti malarials & iron supplements , diseases like hepatitis, lung diseases, kidney diseases, anaemia, vit d3 deficiency. Skin dissses like psoriasis, Alopecia Areata, lichen planus, dermatomyositis etc are common skin disorders. Infective causes like fungal infection, bacterial infection etc

Nail surgeries

We perform variety of nail surgeries at our clinic like partial or total nail Avulsion surgeries with or without RFA or Phenol application in cases of Ingrowing nails, Nail biopsy for various skin disorder, cutting nails in case of disorders like Ramhorns nail or other deformities of nails. We also do partial nail Avulsion surgeries in periungual warts.

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